Floating Bobber Hand Grip Handle Monopod Screw with Strap Compatible with All GoPro SJCAM Yi Eken 4k Action Camera (Purple)

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Product Description

  • TEXTURED NON-SLIP EVA GRIP HANDLE for TIGHT GRIP The design of the ProFloat stick factors for the wet condition that the grip will be used in. The non-slip foam handle gives a tight grip and extra comfort. The ProFloat grip stabilizer provides easy aiming and allows you to capture a variety of angles with increased stability and control
  • MULTI-PURPOSE HOLLOW COMPARTMENT - KEEP YOUR ESSENTIAL SAFE WHILE IN WATER: The watertight compartment of the floaty pole can be used either as a storage for your valuable small items to keep dry, or to achieve neutral buoyancy during scuba diving, snorkeling and other underwater activities. When the handle float is filled with water it hovers neutrally underwater without forcing its way up to the surface, while used with no water in the chamber it achieves the purpose of flotation
  • SIMULTANEOUS/DUAL CAPTURE: Accompanied with a double mount the ProFloat enables you to attach 2 GoPro Cameras or mount 2 different devices to the double mount, enabling you to capture full-resolution videos and/or photos simultaneously, or capture videos back and forth in 2 directions simultaneously. The double mount can also be used for mounting underwater light in conjunction with your GoPro camera for underwater footage. The mount tilts 180-degree providing increased shooting possibilities
  • Added essential accessories: (1) 1 x Floating Handle Grip (without retail package) (2) 1 x Detachable End Cap (Purple Colour) (3) 1 x Long Screw (4) 1 x Wrist Strap

Package Include:

  • 1 x Purple ProFloat Floating Hand Grip 1 x Long screw 1 x Wrist Strap Note: The cameras & underwater light in the images are not included.

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